Tomorrow, the oil and gas task force will again meet in Loveland to hear input from the public whomever radical environmentalist Gwen Lachelt decides will speak.  In advance of that meeting, 25 business and civic leaders from Loveland have signed an open letter to Governor Hickenlooper’s oil and gas task force supporting fracking and Colorado’s already tough regulations on energy development in Colorado.  The letter, which will appear in an ad in tomorrow’s Loveland Reporter-Herald thanks to Vital for Colorado and the Consumer Energy Alliance, will extol the industry’s 100,000+ great-paying jobs.

An excerpt from the letter (full letter as an ad is below):

“We think you’ll find that in Loveland, we get it.  We understand that it’s possible to protect our environment and community health, while still developing our natural resources in a safe and effective manner…. Our message to you is simple: Colorado has tough, comprehensive rules governing oil and gas development; fracking is making Colorado better, growing our economy and making our country less dependent on Middle Eastern energy; and our overall approach to oil and gas development is working. Protect it.”

Among the signers of this letter are former Rep. BJ Nikkel, former Rep. Don Marostica, Loveland Mayor Pro Tem Dave Clark, Loveland City Council members John Fogle and Troy Krenning, and business leaders Troy McWhinney and Mindy McGloughan.  Nonetheless, with a radical like Lachelt in the driver’s seat, we imagine tomorrow will be just as contrived as the last meeting. Surprise us, Gwen.

Vital for Colorado Ad