He's back!

He’s back!

While Democrats still control the Colorado State House, Republicans can add two more in the win column.  Last night, Democrat Rep. Jenise May conceded, sending newcomer Republican JoAnn Windholz to the State House.  Was it something we said?

After curing ballots, a process that verifies signatures or calls voters who did not sign their ballots, May lost by 106 votes.  Prior to the process, she was down 110 votes.  May’s seat was considered safe, and she noted that her race was swept up in the Republican “wave”.  In case you don’t happen to live in Adams County, here are a few facts about Windholz:

  • Has lived in Adams County for over 35 years.
  • Is a professional fundraiser
  • Has three daughters and eight grandchildren
  • Supports wildlife, education, and faith-based nonprofits

In other great news, J. Paul Brown also is headed back to the Colorado State Capitol after defeating Rep. Mike McLachlan by just 168 votes.  McLachlan defeated Brown in 2012 when the Obama ground game was in full force.  McLachlan blew his two years in Denver by not only betraying the trust of voters with his complicity in the 2013 Gun Grab, but, then, hiding from his constituents.  Even worse, not did McLachlan vote for these ill-conceived laws, he actually introduced the ridiculously unenforceable 15-round mag ban, driving sportsmen out in droves and businesses from our state.  Of course, he didn’t earn his nickname McNasty for nothing.  He was also known to yell at little kids in parades.  We think it’s pretty safe to say that Brown’s win elicited a collective cheer from gun enthusiasts and kids who love parades.

The Democrats now only lead by a slim three-seat majority in the House (34-31), which could make ramming terrible legislation that only benefits their donors more difficult.  The remaining House Democrats are pretty far from moderate.  Maybe we will get our Christmas wish for a tumultuous 2015 legislative session.  Please Santa!