MichaelBennetofficialphotoEarlier just this week, Sen. Michael Bennet voted in favor of what some on the Left believe to be “the biggest carbon bomb on the planet,” the Keystone XL pipeline.  Yet, in a story late last night by The Coloradoan on federal insurance losses and climate change, Bennet had this to say:

“It is yet another example of the expense that’s caused by our failing to deal with climate change,” Bennet said of the report’s predictions. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

(Record scratch) Oh dear God, someone call a doctor, there’s a 70% chance we all here at the Peak just broke our necks from that whiplash.  It’s clear to Tom Steyer and the Big Green Bullies that there is no bigger public enemy one to climate change than the Keystone XL pipeline.   As The Wall Street Journal writes:

Mr. Steyer made that clear when he refused to support any Democrat who backed the Keystone XL.

… It looks as if Tom Steyer did get something for the $74 million he spent on the midterm elections. The billionaire environmentalist bought what is left of the Democratic Senate. That’s the story behind the remarkable display Tuesday night in which 41 Democrats voted to abandon a Senate seat rather than cross Mr. Steyer and the big green money machine. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Evidence that the Colorado Left is not amused by Bennet’s semantics on climate change can be seen in that one guy who was in that one band who had a song on the radio at some point writing a very passive-aggressive Tumblr post to Bennet (just kidding Flobots, we heart your song!).  As Jamie “Johnny 5” Laurie writes in his open letter to Bennet:

I am also one of your constituents. Actually, I have even campaigned for you. In 2010 I knocked on doors for you in Park Hill.

That’s why yesterday I joined with several hundred people in a rally outside your Denver office. Your staff met with us in groups. One by one, we asked the same question: If Sen. Bennet is not a climate denier- why would he vote like one?

…If you no longer plan to be an advocate for climate stability, it would be helpful for us to know now so we can start investing in candidates to run against you in the primary. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Come on Johnny 5, didn’t you see Bennet’s quotes in The Coloradoan, he’s totally on your side.  There’s no possible way that Bennedict Bennet thinks the far Left is a joke that couldn’t organize a primary opponent against him even with all of Steyer’s dollars.  Bennet is definitely not taking all of y’all for granted at all.  Because, like he told The Coloradoan, we’ve failed “to deal with climate change.”

Now, please step back, Bennet needs a little room to light the fuse on this mother of all carbon bombs.