There is nothing we love more than Dem on Dem violence, and that is just what Gov. John Hickenlooper delivers in a recent sit down with the Wall Street Journal.

During the interview, Hick throws some serious shade at his unsuccessful top-of-the-ticket colleague Sen. Mark Udall. When asked why he won re-election, Hick says its because he ran on the economy, not social issues like Udall. He also criticizes Udall for turning down a visit from the President, saying:

“My gosh, the president of the United States calls you and you’re going to say ‘No,’? The president of the United States calls and asks for your time, I think generally you should find a way to do it.”

Reading this almost makes us feel bad for Udall.  Gosh, Hick, the guy lost. Did you really need to rub salt in the wound?   We thought that was our job, you’re supposed to be his friend.

For all we know, Hickenlooper could have been running his mouth because it was a Wednesday or because he was breathing. But consider the alternative. What if there is some animus under the surface that we don’t know about? There was a moment on election night when Hick’s future was seriously uncertain and Udall’s was long gone. It’s entirely possible that in that moment he completely turned on his friend.

Whatever the reason, however, Hick’s fellow Democrats left in elected office better watch their backs because the gloves have clearly come off.