It's all gravyPeakNation™, we have the 2014 copolitics turkeys here, so now it’s time to turn our attention to those in copolitics who in 2014 hopped aboard the… Gravy Train??? (What, you try to think of a better Turkey-day analogy when your brain is still drunk on all that tryptophan goodness).

  1. Team Coffman: Not only did Rep. Mike Coffman utterly dominate what was supposed to be the closest race in the entire country this year, but his wife, Attorney General- elect Cynthia Coffman, was the second highest vote getter in the state. If copolitics was Game of Thrones, House Coffman is sitting on the Iron Throne right now.
  2. Cory Gardner Inc.: Anything and everything associated with Senator-elect Cory Gardner this election cycle was golden. From the candidate himself (labeled by many to be the best in the country), to his crack campaign team (the first rule about the ground game is you don’t talk about the ground game), no one seemed to make a wrong step.
  3. Colorado TV Stations: Nothing says have a happy Thanksgiving like having the ability to buy every Turkey in the country. And, while we can’t nail down how much that would exactly cost, were guessing with the $82 million in TV ad money that flooded Colorado TV markets, the local affiliates could make a run at it.
  4. The Hickenlooper: Somehow, Gov. John Hickenlooper was able to hide from voters the fact that he didn’t veto a single bill in 2013 brought to him by the most liberal legislature in Colorado history. Using tragedy, a fracking-driven booming economy, and plenty of negative ads from his allies, Hickenlooper earned what seems like every Colorado Governor’s birthright: a second term.
  5. Senate Republicans (state or Federal, take your pick):  Personally, we’re partial to the state version since we’ve loved them much longer.  And, without a doubt, Cadman > Mitch.
  6. Todd Shepherd: If Shepherd only broke the story of Udall’s staff bullying state officials on the number of Obamacare plans that were cancelled, he’d deserve to make this list.  But, when you add on top of that Shepherd also calling out Hickenlooper’s lies about talking to Bloomberg, Shepherd’s prowess with CORA may or have one or two Democrats worrying about what they are able to get away with.
  7. Coloradans: After strong showings in 2008 and 2012, and a not as bad as the rest of the country 2010, Colorado Democrats were beginning to think they had a mandate here (*cough* 2013 *cough*). Yet, with a strong showing by Republicans across the board (winners of four state-wide elections, taking seats in the state House, flipping the state Senate) both parties realize Colorado is more purple than ever. And, to win here, Democrats and Republicans will have to make sure they continue to put the people of Colorado first.