"I never do anything wrong."

“I never do anything wrong.”

Breaking news PeakNation™, Gov. John Hickenlooper is never wrong, we just aren’t thoughtful or intelligent enough to understand the greatness of his wisdom.  Or, so the latest episode of Hickenlooper mansplaining has led us to believe.  As we wrote earlier, Hickenlooper’s controversial interview with The Wall Street Journal quoted him as saying:

“What’s amazing to me is, a lot of young Latinos, the vast majority don’t care about a pathway to citizenship,” Hickenlooper told the Journal. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

But, get this, in a new interview today with The Denver Post, Hickenlooper mansplains to us how he wasn’t talking about Latinos at all, and how did we get such a crazy idea.  As The Post writes:

Gov. John Hickenlooper’s quoted remarks on immigration have received a good bit of attention (here and here) but the Democrat says he was taken out of context.

…“What I was saying was it’s not their first priority. I wasn’t talking about Latinos, I was talking about undocumented (immigrants),” he started. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

Damn us and our conniving ways!  How dare we think that Hickenlooper is speaking about Latinos, when he is quoted in The Journal as actually saying “a lot of young Latinos…”  Obviously, we have done a masterful job of twisting Hickenlooper’s words to mean something he didn’t.

There are many reasons we here at the Peak would have loved to see former Rep. Bob Beauprez win, if for nothing else than to shut Hick up.

Has anyone else ever noticed it’s never Hick’s fault?  He never misspeaks, he’s just misunderstood.  He never is wrong, it’s really just the ugly partisan pols out to get him because he’s just such a nice guy.  We wouldn’t be so irritated by Hick if every now and then he got down from his high horse and admitted, yes, indeed, his sh*@ does stink like the rest of us.

Seriously, does this guy love mansplaining?  Does he think he’s some kind of prophet from God sent to show us the light?  We see this same passive condescension from Hick in this video interview he did with The Post.  During it he busts out his worn-out Hick speak of wanting to have a “discussion” on the death penalty.  But, by now PeakNation™, we should know when Hick speaks of having a “discussion” he means, “all you dumbasses out there, listen to me list off the reasons on how you’re wrong, and once you hear my side you’ll agree with me.”  As he actually told The Post:

“The state isn’t there yet.  The state still feels this is the appropriate punishment… We wanted to let the state have that ‘discussion’ which we did… Anecdotal they [people’s opinions] have [changed.]”

Would a “discussion” with Hick end in any other way than people changing their minds to agree with him?  And, what does Hick mean “the state isn’t there yet?”  That at some, more enlightened point in the future we’ll have caught up to how right Hick is on this issue?

Seriously, what a passive, condescending… politician.