Hillary ClintonThere’s a new video out by the outside group Stand With Hillary who are trying to draft her into running the vanguard for Hillary’s impending Presidential run.  And, it’s all sorts of embarrassment.  From the needing to find a pick-up truck and four cowboy hats to stick on the hipster band, to such cringe-worthy lyrics as “Oh, there is something about her…this great lady.  Caring, hard working once a First lady,” we can see what happens when Hillary’s people think it is still the 90s.

And, that’s the thing: Clinton is running a campaign designed to win in the 1990s, not now.  She’s trying to appeal to a whole section of the country that Democrats abandoned long ago.  Even before President Obama, Democrats were already drifting to their current electoral make-up of coastal urban elites and minorities when they selected Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House in 2006.  Pelosi had little need or care for working-class whites, who for the longest time made up the backbone of the Democratic coalition.  The change in the make-up of the Democratic party was solidified in 2008 with Obama’s nomination and subsequent victory.

Since then, over the past six years, not only have Democrats kicked blue collars out of their party, they have out and out declared war on them.  From coal-industry killing EPA regulations, to the destruction of the 35-hour part-time work week via Obamacare, Democrats have shoved blue-collar workers overboard.

Democrats have suffered for it too.  Their coalition is much more capricious when it comes time to vote.  Betray the urban elites’ high intellectual ideals in the slightest of ways and they’ll sit on their hands.  Whereas the blue-collar voters were knackered enough with the Democrats (false) narrative that any Republican victory would immediately hurt the next paycheck, they couldn’t afford to sit out any elections.

If nothing else was proven by the results of the 2014 elections, it’s this: Democrats have so poisoned their own brand that it doesn’t matter who they run, blue-collar voters only see the “D” next to the name now.  From West Virginia, to North Carolina, Arkansas, and soon to be Louisiana, blue-collar voters don’t care who the candidate is, only that they’re a dirty Democrat.

As for the video, at least we know now what coastal elites think a country song sounds like.