(Map courtesy of Roll Call)

So much red! (Map courtesy of Roll Call)

It wasn’t long ago Colorado Democrats were touting how they had effectively found a model that they could export across the country that would threaten to turn even the reddest of red states into a blue haven.  Yet, a new article by Amy Walters at The Cook Political Report reveals how not only is that not true, but that nation-wide, Democrats haven’t had this few state legislators since the 1920s.  As Walters writes:

As one Democratic strategist conceded to me last week, his party is “in a deep hole” at the state level. From 1948-2010, according to our friends at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Democrats had a distinct advantage at the state legislative level. During that 62-year period, but for a couple years when they were tied, Democrats had more members in state legislative office than Republicans. Since 2010, however, Republicans have taken the lead. Today, about 55 percent of all state legislative seats in the country are held by Republicans. That’s the largest share of GOP state legislators since the 1920s. [the Peak’s emphasis]

It’s so bad for Democrats right now, Walters writes that some Democratic strategists are already worried about being shutout of the redistricting process, a process that won’t take place for another three election cycles.

But, how did it all go wrong so quickly when the Colorado Democrat architects of the “Colorado model” were just the toast of their party only a few years ago?  The oversimplified answer: governing.  As much as Democrats long after the center-left parties that dominate European parliaments, they are mistaken in believing that is America’s destined future.  Do they not realize while America may be a younger nation than most of our European brethren, we almost, without exception, are an older democracy?  And, that Europe has given us little evidence over the last 200 years that there is much in their way of governing that we would be right to import?

When Republicans live up to our conservative ideals, and govern in a prudent, thoughtful manner, we are inherently much closer to the center-right leaning heart of this nation than Democrats.  The ingrained false premise of Democrats everywhere—that a large, robust, activist government leads to the greatest freedom and prosperity for people—will always hang as a millstone around their electoral necks.

If Republicans continue to govern well at the state level, expect that to translate into federal gains, as the depth of Republican elected official benches grow.  And, expect Democrats to be shutout until they have the wisdom to leave the Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warrens of their party behind, and once again find those who believe “the era of big government is over.”