MichaelBennetofficialphotoWhat should be the first clue that Sen. Michael Bennet isn’t really one of us?  Is it his elitist background? His East Coast  childhood?  His establishment brother?  Or, the fact that Bennet doesn’t even really live in Colorado anymore?  Well if you’re The Aurora Sentinel’s local gossiper, you can’t help but call Bennet out on the last one.  As The Aurora Sentinel writes:

A carefully worded statement from senior Colorado Sen. (and sometimes Colorado visitor) Michael Bennet should be our clue: “The VA should use this ruling to unlock reserve funds to complete this project in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.” Quid has heard for a while now that something like this may have been coming and/or necessary for the VA to tap money it needed in the first place to finish the hospital. If indeed the letter was a punt to push the ball into the VA’s court to get more money for the project, shame on them, KT and us for resorting to theatrics when it comes to our vets. Congressional approval is at an all-time low and if this is any indication of how business is done: it’s no wonder how we got here. [the Peak’s emphasis]

When that “sometimes Colorado visitor” isn’t writing pork-filled letters for a VA that can’t control it’s spending, Sen. Mumbles is flying around the country getting to know the liberal uber-rich.  Don’t expect Bennet to be lacking in funds as he tries to wrap himself in the Colorado flag for his reelection bid.

Unfortunately for him, if a newspaper who endorsed any and every liberal that they could is calling him out for being a carpet-bagging hack, then he might have some issues passing muster with the rest of us.

But, don’t worry, we hear Bennet will soon have a snazzy new strategy named after the next street his campaign headquarters are located on, High Street.  “Um, okay, ah, you see guys, um, I think, ah, that the secret to, ah, winning elections in, um, Colorado, is to really, ah, um, ah, um, um, ah, turn out the, um, pot vote.  So, um, we’re going to, ah, do that, by talking, um, relentlessly, ah, um, about abortion.”

Then again, there’s no guarantee Bennet makes it to the general election.  Isn’t Romanoff looking for something to run for again?  Or, better yet, after Sen. Mark Udall recently remembered who he was, perhaps he wants a shot at the man whose strategy led to Udall’s soon-to-be unemployment.