Vote-hereOne would figure that in a year chock-full of campaigns, PolitiFact would have its choice of lies to choose for their annual “Lie of the Year.”  Unfortunately for PolitiFact, it seems they have no imagination beyond Obamacare.  In the previous four years that PolitiFact has been doing its “Lie of the Year,” three of them involved Obamacare.  With Obamacare taking a backseat, PolitiFact was left scrambling; its improvisation left them naming Ebola as its biggest lie of year.  While Ebola did come up in campaigns, it mostly came up as a very tertiary issue, one that might have been brought up as a filler question in a debate.  But, instead of taking the easy way out and mocking PolitiFact’s legitimacy yet again, we here at the Peak rather are making our own list of the top lies of the Colorado 2014 election season.

  1. That Bannock Street would save all Democrats:

The fact that the argument going on right now about Bannock Street is whether it actually worked or not despite Democrats losing pretty much every toss-up race across the country, is an argument Republicans are willing to lose.  If it costs Democrats the majority in the U.S. Senate for Sen. Michael Bennet to have a moral victory, we’re willing to let him be first in line with St. Peter.

  1. Romanoff/Coffman closest race in the country:

A nine-point differential, and another loss hung around Andrew Romanoff’s (D- Attach Forwarding Address Here) neck, and we feel safe declaring what many D.C. insider newspapers felt would be the closest race in America as the most errant storyline of this past election cycle.

  1. Don Quick’s “serious” run for Attorney General:

Don Quick was so sure he was going to win that he decided to apply for other jobs even before his loss was made official on election night.  We can’t blame Quick for thinking that way, he ended up losing by the second highest vote-getter of all candidates in Colorado this election cycle.  Hell, maybe if he would have told us of his impending loss during his campaign, we would have actually trusted his judgment enough to vote him for Attorney General… we couldn’t even finish typing that all the way through while keeping a straight face.