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So hilarious – I convinced a homeless guy to work for $4/hr

We’re not even sure what’s going on in this situation that’s described by the Boulder Daily Camera. Boulder financial adviser (or life coach?) Alexis Neely seemingly sent out a self-congratulatory press release taking credit for paying a homeless guy to organize rallies in response to the Ferguson grand jury ruling, or maybe fracking.  At a 60,000 foot view, this is nice.  But, let’s take a closer look.

DC: An organizer of recent Boulder protests over the deaths of blacks at the hands of police nationwide is being funded in his activism by a woman who said other pursuits have kept her from joining the demonstrations…. “That’s why I support Gary,” she said. “I don’t have time. I spend all day, every day, behind my computer, creating content, creating teams, coaching people. … I don’t have the time and space to protest. But I still want to support it, and that’s why I finance it.”

Peak Commentary: So, this woman, Alexis Neely is too busy and important to get her hands dirty, so she paid a guy and then sent a press release out about it.  We cannot roll our eyes enough.  Truly. Is this release about her financing Gary or her business?

DC: A headline on the release referred to her as “the money behind biggest Boulder protest in years.”

Peak: A protest in Boulder?  Wake us up when there’s something newsworthy happening here.  And, the biggest?  The article puts the protest at an estimated 200 to 500 attendees.  So, maybe the biggest is a slight exaggeration.  But, Neely claims to be the money behind the protest, so surely we’re talking about a massive donation, right?  Like five, maybe six, figures?  No.

DC: In Tuesday’s interview, she said she is paying Roland “about $1,000” a month. “I don’t know many people who are really, truly, willing to put their money where their heart is. Most people are afraid to do that,” Neely said.

Peak: Right, so she’s put up about $2,000 since Gary Roland arrived about two months ago.  To put this in perspective, there are dozens of people who give $2,000 to political campaigns, for example, who don’t issue such a self-congratulatory press release.  We can only imagine that the Daily Camera reported on this because it was so ridiculous.  Also, let’s talk about the other funders who put their money where their heart is – Jared Polis, Pat Stryker, Rutt Bridges, and Tim Gill.  These four have contributed millions.  Maybe hundreds of millions to where their heart is.  Color us unimpressed, Alexis.

DC: “How did Gary find 60 hours a week to organizing (sic) this protest? Two words … Alexis Neely.”

Peak: What would a self-congratulatory press release be without referring to oneself in the third person?  But, seriously, this woman is sending a press release asking for praise for paying a homeless man what amounts to $4 per hour – exactly half of Colorado’s minimum wage.  She says he’s working 60 hours per week and she’s paying him $1,000 per month.  As a finance adviser, she should know this – and she should know better.  She’s taking advantage of this guy.  Gary – people are paid more than $1,000 per month for community outreach.  Trust us – demand more.

DC: [Gary] said it is really to support his organizing around fracking protests, and that the payments were actually suspended for December — but that he hopes they’re renewed in January.

Peak: Oh, so this isn’t about Ferguson after all?  This is about fracking?  And, she suspended payments in December?  So, a reverse holiday bonus?  Maybe Neely got Gary a jelly of the month club to make up for it.

Alexis Neely, please, please, please put us on your media list. We’d love to receive every single one of your self-congratulatory press releases.  In the dark days of winter, we could always use a good laugh.

Photo credit: Alexis Neely’s Facebook page