UPDATE: Here’s the video of Vice President Joe Biden talking to Betty, Gardner’s grandmother, courtesy of C-SPAN:

Gardner is sworn in

Gardner is sworn in

This morning, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner was officially sworn in as the next Senator from Colorado.  We got the inside scoop from Team Gardner on the day’s events.

Senator Gardner addressed a packed room of supporters before his formal swearing in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol today. Gardner was introduced by his former boss, Colorado Senator Wayne Allard, who praised his work ethic and drive. By his side were his wife, Jamie and two daughters.  Gardner’s son Thatcher was running around the room, at times, playing hide and seek under the caterer’s table.  We totally get it, Thatcher, we’d like to do the same at formal events.

Gardner offered this statement about his swearing in:

“It is a tremendous honor to be sworn in today as a United States Senator and member of the 114th Congress. I am humbled by the trust that the people of Colorado have placed in me to be their Senator, and I’m eager to get down to business making Washington, DC work better for the people of our great state.

“With the new Senate taking office today, we have a real opportunity and a real responsibility to take action on the major issues facing our state and our country. I talked a lot about these issues on the campaign trail, and am looking forward to working to improve our economy, expand and promote American energy, fix our education system, and preserve and protect our environment.

“Coloradans have not given me an honorary title, they’ve given me a job to do. And while the swearing in of a new Congress is certainly a time for a celebration of our great democratic traditions, it’s also just the beginning of the hard work we have in front of us. The American people  expect results, and it’s the new Congress’s responsibility to deliver them.”

Following the official swearing in on the Senate Floor, there was a private ceremony with Vice President Biden and the Senator’s family. Sen. Gardner’s grandmother, Betty, who was unable to attend the ceremony, was reached via cell phone during the private ceremony. When Sen. Gardner handed the phone to Vice President Biden to say hello, Grandma informed the Vice President that she had no time to talk – she was watching her grandson be sworn in on TV.  We like Sen. Gardner’s grandmother already.

Gardner spent the afternoon in receptions, in meetings, and with extended family and supporters who flew in for the ceremony.  Congratulations to Sen. Gardner and his team. We’re proud to have you represent us in Washington.

Photo credit: Team Gardner