UPDATE: Looks like not every Democrat agrees with Zenzinger (although, we could probably infer that from her election results – ZING!).  Former Colorado State Joyce Foster left a note on the same comment chain in which Zenzinger left her, um, zinger (although, it looks like she deleted).

Joyce Foster

An excerpt from Foster’s comments:

Good article! Bill does his homework and is very prepared. We worked well together even though we didn’t agree on everything. He’s quick witted and always made me smile.

See, Ms. Zenzinger, we can disagree without being disagreeable.

Outgoing Sen. Rachel Zenzinger might have picked up some unflattering habits from her former boss and mentor, Evie Hudak.  Hudak’s nastiness was well-documented on police blotters when she physically attacked a teenage girl for removing her yard sign as well as in footage from the Senate floor when she verbally attacked a rape victim.  Looks like a loss to State Senator-elect Laura Woods has brought out the Evie in Rachel Zenzinger.

When Lynn Bartels wrote a profile on incoming Senate President Bill Cadman, Angela Brophy lent her support on Facebook.  Zenzinger could have (and should have) ignored the post if it bothered her so, but she didn’t.  Here’s what she said instead:


We knew that behind that nice girl act there was a Mean Girl lurking in there.  The good folks in Senate District 19 probably did themselves a favor by voting in a new Senator. As for Zenzinger, soon enough she’ll have plenty of time to work out that anger.  Might we suggest yoga? Oh, and P.S., Cadman is actually a nice guy.