Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

PeakNation™, we’re going to prioritize our vast network of pet lovers and be a pet blog.  Oh, we’ll still write about politics, but we’ll include pictures of pets, so we’ll be a pet blog.  Because we said so.  The Peak rebranding itself into a pet blog is almost as weird as Democrats, a party chock full of out-of-touch elitists, saying that they are prioritizing the middle class when they have done nothing but yoked the middle class with their damaging policies for years. But, Speaker Hullinghorst said yesterday that Dems will prioritize the middle class. From The Denver Post:

“In her opening-day remarks for the 70th General Assembly Wednesday, Hullinghorst urged all legislators to help the middle class, including consideration for public education, renewable energy,affordable housing and the environment.”

We are still laughing today.  Democrats talk a big game about supporting the middle class, but when push comes to shove, every special interest is in line ahead of the middle class.  Example? Unions.  Teachers in Jeffco had not received raises in years.  The union wanted a seniority-based raise system, which would have left 450 teachers without raises. Again.  The new school board pushed for raises for all teachers except those who earned a poor performance evaluation.  Where were Democrats then?  And what about that idea of providing quality education for kids?  Are Democrats on the side of kids or on the side of unions?  You get one guess.

What about energy and the environment?  Hullinghorst seems to think renewable energy will help the middle class.  Democrats shoved through SB252, the renewable energy mandate, which will increase energy costs for the middle class when they are hurting the most.  Affordable housing?  Maybe Democrats could rein in the trial lawyers, who line Democrats’ campaign coffers, but who also drive up the cost to renovate and build homes.  Or maybe Democrats could not pass things like the low-flow toilet mandates that also drive up housing costs in favor of their green investments.

The middle class needs good jobs – the kind that allows them to pay their bills, but also save a little, too.  Colorado’s economy is on the rebound despite Democrats, not because of them.  And, then, here’s an excerpt from Hullinghorst’s speech:

“You have placed a heavy responsibility on my shoulders, and I promise to use my office to guide the House of Representatives in the direction of building a Colorado that provides real economic and personal security to all of the people of Colorado, not just the wealthy or well-connected.”

We’re laughing again. While both parties have heavy hitters and take money from the well-heeled, it’s not the Republican Party that’s taking calls from Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City the Nanny State, and making promises that Coloradans would prefer elected officials not keep.  That’s Democrats. It’s not Republicans who send celebrities out to do fundraising, ahem Mark Udall, it’s Democrats.

And, so just because Speaker Hullinghorst said that the Democratic Party will prioritize the middle class, does not make it so.  It must be backed up by action that legitimately benefits the middle class, not Democratic donors.  If the last few years are any indication, we won’t hold our breath.