ConnectforHealthLogoToday, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, Sue Birch, said in a press release, “Colorado continues to make progress in connecting citizens to the coverage they need.”

Want to know what else happened just three short days ago? This six-page apology letter was mailed to Connect for Health Colorado exchange partners signed by interim CEO Gary Drews and explaining that Connect for Health “had higher expectations than we’ve delivered”. The letter was actually one page of apology and five pages listing all the known issues with the approximately six-million-dollar IT system.

What about the hard-working Coloradans who have struggled through Obamacare turmoil? Nearly 5,000 Coloradans are unable to actually use the multi-million dollar healthcare exchange system that was supposed to make signing up for healthcare simple. Health News Colorado reports that Connect for Health Colorado plans to ask its board of directors for an additional $322,000 for February alone. After millions paid to build a streamlined system, that $322,000 is sure to solve all the problems, right?

Earlier last month, The Denver Post also pointed out the glaring failings of Obamacare’s Colorado manifestation. Stories of Coloradans sitting in 200-long live chat queues and a host of web malfunctions. At this rate, even an emergency boost in funding from the cash-strapped board isn’t likely to help citizens by the February 15 open enrollment deadline. Ms. Birch sounds a bit misinformed about the sad, ongoing reality of wasted money and failed healthcare options from Connect for Health Colorado.