This will come as a surprise to no one we know some, but it turns out the science used to declare excessive global warming atop Colorado ski mountains and across the nation’s western peaks was bogus.

Doomsday forecasters essentially used that analysis to predict that kids growing up during the 21st century would be denied powder days at Keystone, but the warnings were phony, false, deceiving, and flat out wrong by a factor of 217 to 562 percent.



Math geniuses we’re not, but that looks like a whooper of a miscalculation uncovered by the good folks at the University of Montana and Montana Climate Office researcher Jared Oyler.

They discovered that more than 700 water and climate trend monitors used in the Snowpack Telemetry station network called SNOTEL had accidently introduced a “bias” into the system when new equipment was installed during the 1990s.

When the data was revised, scientists said there was only a slight increase of global warming impacts at higher elevations.


The SNOTEL bias has likely compromised our ability to understand the unique drivers and impacts of climate change in western U.S. mountains.

… To assess current and future climate change impacts to snowpack and important mountain ecosystem processes, we need accurate observations from the high elevation areas only covered by the SNOTEL network.

We expect that includes the University of Colorado at Boulder report that said climate change would affect the state’s use and distribution of water, and produce a precipitous snowpack decline of up to 20 percent.

The scientific evidence is clear: the Earth’s climate is warming. Multiple independent measurements confirm widespread warming in the western United States.

Glad that clear scientific evidence was cleared up, see you on the slopes!