It’s no coincidence, we suspect, that Colorado was chosen by the Republican National Committee to host the presidential debate later this fall that will focus on the economy.

Sure, we’ve got the tourism gig down pat, but a significant chunk of our dollars come from the energy sector, and that’s Kryptonite to Democrats running for national office.

Having a platform here in the Rockies gives the GOP the opportunity to wax eloquently on the benefits of oil, natural gas, and coal, as well as ranching and farming.

We’ve also got a strong technology base as well as manufacturing and aerospace, and others too numerous to mention.*

Conservative panelists will host the debates, so needless to say MSNBC didn’t make the cut.

Chris Matthews, denied!

Chris Matthews, denied!

The business network CNBC will host what they are describing as “the definitive presidential debate on the economy in the pivotal state of Colorado” in October.

“The U.S. economy, jobs and our nation’s position in the world has always been and will continue to be, for a majority of voters, at the center of their decision-making process when they cast their vote,” said Mark Hoffman, CNBC president. “Our daily mission across all platforms is to elicit direct answers to substantive questions and we are committed to work hard in this debate to do exactly that.”

The first stop for the GOP-sanctioned debates is August in Ohio and will be hosted by Fox News. California is second with their event led by CNN. Following Colorado in October, Fox Business will host the November event in Wisconsin.

CNN will again host in Nevada come December, followed by a January debate with Fox News in Iowa, and ABC in New Hampshire in February. CBS News gets their shot at the February debate in South Carolina, and Telemundo hosts another debate that month in Florida.

*If we omitted your pet industry, we probably did it on purpose so go ahead and Twitter rant about it.