Longtime Democratic operative Laura Chapin revealed the true color of her heart (black) in a tasteless, demeaning tweet earlier this week.

It’s patronizing. It’s arrogant. It’s just plain insulting. Clearly, Laura Chapin — who thinks she is so much smarter and better than the Coloradans riding the bus with her — is too self-absorbed to realize how rude, mean, classless, and tone deaf this remark is. Why is she so touched and surprised that these folks know how to ride a city bus?  Did she have a hard time trying to figure out the bus schedule…?  Chapin’s tweet disturbingly reveals her amazement that the people on the bus are, in fact, fully-functioning human beings, not just a faceless disability.

Last we checked, it was still posted to her Twitter feed, showing her total obliviousness and lack of remorse for single-handedly shoving her arrogance into the face of the Twitter world. Does she know for certain that none of those “developmentally disabled” bus riders have Twitter accounts? Shame on you, Laura, for assuming you are so much better and more capable than your fellow bus riders.