libby szaboThe Colorado State House has lost one of its most colorful characters as Assistant Minority Leader Libby Szabo was appointed the newest Jefferson County Commissioner.  Szabo is, perhaps, best known as a tireless advocate for tougher sentencing for child predators and government watchdog. From The Denver Post:

“A lot of the things I bring are not out there or far fetched,” said Szabo, who has pushed to ease the regulatory burden on small businesses and toughen laws for sexual predators. “On the county commission you get to work closer with the people and that excites me. I hear you can get more things done. That’s why I’m doing this. I’ve been frustrated.”

Szabo was one of the major backers of Jessica’s Law, which provides mandatory sentencing for child predators.  She appeared on national television railing against Colorado Democrats who consistently sided with predators over victims.  Last year, the Democratic legislature passed a watered down version – we suspect just to shut Szabo up (it didn’t work).

Szabo’s departure does not just leave a personality void. A vacancy committee will convene to replace her in the State House, and the Republicans in the State House must elect a new Assistant Minority Leader.

As for the new representative from House District 27, one name that has been tossed around to replace Szabo is Lang Sias, who ran unsuccessfully for the seat vacated by liberal Sen. Evie Hudak. As for Assistant Minority Leader, the two names that have been thrust forth are Reps. Polly Lawrence and Clarice Navarro.  Either choice would be outstanding – a testament to the strength of the Republican bench.

We are sad to see Szabo move on, but know she’ll be a force to reckon with as a County Commissioner.