Last week, the Chieftain reported that Pueblo DA Jeff Chostner announced charges would not be filed against GOP County Chair Becky Mizel for allegedly removing confidential documents from a canvass board meeting because her actions were inadvertent.

Gilbert Ortiz, Pueblo Clerk and Recorder

We wanted to take a moment to weigh in on this big fat nothing burger of a scandal that had Pueblo Clerk Gilbert Ortiz and our favorite left-wingers at ProgressNow with their hair in a tizzy.

In the world of volunteer politics, people are bound to make mistakes. If they own up to those mistakes and correct their actions that should be enough. The DA basically acknowledges as much in a Dec. 10th letter to Mizel, stating:

“However, based on your insistence that the removal of the documents was unintentional; the fact you did return the documents after being confronted; and other considerations, including information that your actions have not resulted in any permanent harm, I have decided that criminal charges will not be filed.”

The rest of the letter is a strongly worded warning to Mizel about her conduct, but at the end of the day it’s all bark and no bite. The truth is that the matter had been resolved before it ever reached the DA’s desk. The fact that criminal charges were even considered was extreme and unnecessary.