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Adams County Attorney Heidi Miller

It’s safe to say that the 2014 Adams County elections were a clusterf&*% due to duplicate ballots, a delayed ballot count that left Colorado wondering about the results of the 2014 election for weeks, and signature verification issues.  To clean up the mess, Adams County Attorney Heidi Miller has just hired liberal super lawyer to represent Adams County Clerk and Recorder Karen Long after Long botched the elections.  Grueskin will be working on the case Schindler v. Long.

A hiring agreement between Grueskin and Adams County showing that  his lawyers charge between $325 and $550 per hour with Grueskin alone charging $425 per hour underscores the question – if Adams County is hiring Grueskin for $425 per hour, what exactly does Adams County Attorney Heidi Miller do?

An excerpt from the agreement:

“The Firm’s hourly attorney rates range from $350.00/hour to $550.00/hour. Client understands that my rate for this work, as outlined above will be $425.00/hour and that I may use the services of other attorneys to assist me.  In addition, I may use one of our paralegals on Client’s projects at a rate of $150.00/hour.  Our rates generally change each year on January 1st and we will notify you of any changes in the first billing statement that includes the charges for any adjusted rate.  The changes in our rates; however, will not exceed 5% per annum.”

While we have no sense of whether $425 is expensive for a trial lawyer, we are certain the taxpayers in Adams would find this outrageous.  And, we have to wonder why Adams County has an attorney if she’s going to just outsource litigation to Grueskin and enrich liberal causes.