Jealousy doesn't look good on you, Pols.

Jealousy doesn’t look good on you, Pols.

We know that it must be hard for ColoradoPols to accept that it’s getting its ass kicked by a conservative blog, but stooping so low as to accuse us of “systematically inflating” our Facebook likes and shares?  C’mon.

To be perfectly clear, we aren’t.

And, really, why would we?  What’s the point of gaming the system?  Do we get brownie points for extra Facebook shares?  No.  The only measurement that matters is pageviews.  Sure, extra Facebook shares are great…but only when they drive traffic to our site because that’s the ultimate standard.

But, then, the question becomes – why would Pols even care?  And, here’s the ugly truth. The Pols brand is in decline and has been for several years.  Case in point, let’s take a look at Pols‘ Facebook stats – Pols’ Facebook page has a whopping 277 likes.  That’s horrifically embarrassing for the first kid on the block.  To compare, the Peak has 5,285 as of today.  Here’s what Pols said about why the Blog in Decline refuses to publicly show its numbers:

We do not utilize the counter function, not because we knew it was inaccurate but because it cluttered the layout of our blog when we tried it.

The truth is that its numbers are not public because Pols‘ numbers suck. But, what’s really odd is Pols‘ defense that 32.5% of its readership comes from India.  The fact is that this number didn’t appear this way until we started telling other blogs that we had surpassed Pols in traffic.  Meaning, as soon as Pols learned that it wasn’t the most discussed or most read blog in Colorado, its publishers started buying cheap readership from India.

So, Pols, nitpick our likes and shares, and while you are at it, explore whether our prom date was as hot as yours.

We can take it.

But, before you dive into yo mama jokes, remember this – this is a battle of ideas, and we’re leaving a mark on the debate. We aren’t going to flatter ourselves – we aren’t God’s gift to the Republic, but neither is Pols. And the Google Analytics don’t lie – our voice matters in the debate.

You may not like that, Pols, but we don’t much care. This is a battle of ideas, and we’re not going anywhere. Share that.