Shane davis Fracktivist

Boulder’s own Fracktivist Shane Davis was getting his outrage on during a blog talk radio show Thursday discussing the latest crisis to grip Colorado and the nation – low gas prices!

And why are gas prices so low?

“It’s a direct action by OPEC, it really is,” Davis said. “It’s OPEC wanting to crush the U.S. fracking industry, just like we do.”

So fracktivists are in league with OPEC? Fascinating. We never expected it was that devil they were dancing with in the pale moonlight.

So what are we to do about the shamefully low price of gasoline?

“Places like here in Boulder, Colorado, where we are very conscious, very aware, very astute on what’s happening, we understand that the price of gas here is $1.70 a gallon now. But it doesn’t tell us anything other than this is even a greater opportunity for us to not purchase more and more gas and just continue to drive and drive and drive.”

Davis said it’s his job to expand his vocabulary educate consumers not to fall for the trap of affordable gas prices, because it’s really just industry telling everyone, “Hey, the prices of gas is $1.70 now because we are fracking the Hell out of America.”

So let us get this straight, more energy means we’re not spending a fortune to drive to work and our grocery bills no longer rival our mortgage?

Count us out, that sounds terrible!

Annie Lindstrom, the host of this talkupy (sounds like “occupy,” causes same eye-rolling motion) radio show made about as much sense as Davis as she rambled and giggled through the whole interview like an MSNBC intern.

“It’s a gas glut, there’s way too much gas, the price is bad!” she exclaimed.

“People, they get up in the morning and they leave their cars running all day,” Lindstrom said of her fellow Floridians. “I think some of the people who aren’t awakened and enlightened think everything is great now. We love this fracking cause it’s giving us this $2 gas.”

“I include myself in that now because I can actually do things now I couldn’t do a while ago because I can actually go places,” she said.


We could imagine Lindstrom blushing as she quickly reversed herself and explained that she doesn’t really drive a lot because she works from home. But when she is forced to destroy the planet every time she gets behind the wheel of her car, she said “my mindset is I feel guilty about it.”

Thank God! It’s okay to drive more, so long as we feel guilty about it.

Davis, who last year accused U.S. Rep. Jared Polis of betraying him after anti-fracking measures were abandoned in favor of an oil and gas task force, said the fracking issue was a blessing in disguise because it brought the community together.

“An activist’s job is never done,” he said.