global warming

That clickety-clack noise you hear this morning is the sound of environmentalists stomping their Birkenstocks in indignation over the U.S. Senate vote Wednesday night on global warming.

Is it real or a hoax? The Senate voted 98-1 in favor of being real – GOP Sen. Roger Wicker from Mississippi was the lone man voting no.

So what’s got the greenies all hot and bothered?

It’s the failure of another climate change amendment that Democrats tried to attach as a rider to the Keystone pipeline bill that blamed humans as the cause.

Eli Stokols reports that U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is “is under fire from conservationists for voting Wednesday against an amendment stating that humans contribute to climate change, something 69 percent of his constituents believe to be a fact.”

We also used to believe it was a fact that global warming was causing polar bears to drown because ice packs were melting, until we found out it wasn’t true.

Al Gore told us the seas would raise by 20 feet, until we found out it would actually be just a few inches.

And until last week, we believed the globe was warming at higher altitudes and melting snow at a faster rate, and that one day soon kids would be denied the awesomeness that is a Colorado powder day.

Now it turns out that science was messed up, too.

So when the Senate took its first series of votes in eight years on whether global warming was manmade, the outcome failed on a 50-49 vote — 60 votes were needed to approve the amendment.