Radio talk show host Michael Brown nailed KDVR reporter Eli Stokols for making a significant error in his report Thursday regarding the U.S. Senate’s global warming vote.  An error Stokols corrected as soon as it was pointed out.

Giving credit where credit is due, we also mocked Stokols’s report, but, unlike Brown, we didn’t uncover the glaring error in the lead sentence: U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner “is under fire from conservationists for voting Wednesday against an amendment stating that humans contribute to climate change, something 69 percent of his constituents believe to be a fact.”

Turns out that 69 percent of Gardner’s constituents do not believe this to be fact, Stokols got the facts of the post-election poll wrong.

Instead, 69 percent said they want their senators to address the impact of climate change, Brown revealed.

This is significant, because the basis of the story was to criticize Gardner on that specific point while Stokols mentioned in passing the fact that Gardner voted in favor of another amendment affirming that global warming is real.

“This is the kind of bovine feces, liberal bias, that passes for objective reporting right here in Colorado,” Brown said on his KHOW-AM program.

“Eli, your bias is showing,” Brown said.

“This is an example of how some reporters will go to great lengths to mislead you about climate change. Run for your lives!”

Brown brought the error to Stokols’s attention via Twitter. Stokols took note and changed his story, which included moving that lead sentence to the end of the report.