Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s healthcare exchange, is officially failing at its reason for existing as 9News reports that potentially thousands of people have been left uninsured by a glitch in the system: ConnectforHealthLogo

The Connect for Health Colorado website had a design flaw which canceled plan renewals if customers browsed other plan options while logged into their accounts on the exchange.

To make matters worse, the scope of the problem is unknown. Connect for Health Colorado “could not say whether it will ever be able to report the number of customers affected” and “repeatedly declined requests for interviews with 9News” since they began investigating the glitch last Thursday.

This is probably the worst possible way they could handle a screw up of this magnitude, and whoever is giving them PR advice should be fired. When you make a mistake the right thing to do is own up to it, apologize and fix it. So far we see Connect for Health Colorado doing exactly none of those things.

This combined with the fact that the exchange is financially unsound is going to make the impending audit pushed for by Senate Republicans all the more damning. Make no mistake, heads will roll.