Washington PostThe Washington Post‘s “The Fix” by Chris Cillizza published a report on the best political reporters in each state, and some of our favorites from Colorado were on there.  Lynn Bartels deservedly even made the opening paragraph.  Here’s who made the cut:

  • Charles Ashby, Grand Junction Sentinel
  • Lynn Bartels, Denver Post
  • Sandra Fish
  • John Frank, Denver Post (we’d rather have Joey Bunch who at least takes a long look at the lefty talking points that come across his desk, unlike Frank)
  • Corey Hutchins (who?), State Integrity (what?)
  • Peter Marcus, Durango Herald
  • Nick Riccardi, Associated Press
  • Eli Stokols, KDVR

First, where are Joey Bunch and Kristen Wyatt?  Second, we’ve never heard of Corey Hutchins.  Putting Hutchins on a list with Lynn Bartels who everyone knows and loves?  Come on.

But, the most interesting part of this list is who wasn’t on there…and, then, all of a sudden was.  Sometime after the Washington Post story was first published (minus Eli Stokols), Stokols suddenly appeared on the list.  Why was his name added later?  Since he has deep roots in the leftosphere, we aren’t arguing that he doesn’t belong here, but we are saying we would love to be a fly on Cillizza’s wall when that change was made.  So, we reached out to Cillizza and we will update you, PeakNation™, if he wants to give us a sneak peak into that decision.