Dem Fail Again 117Looks like the right hand wasn’t talking to the left hand in the Democrats’ camp. The leftosphere, including ProgressNow’s angry imp and perpetual intern Alan Franklin, took to Twitter assaulting legislation that would ban discrimination in the financing of institutions of higher education only to watch the bill pass out of the Senate Education Committee 9-0.

Despite trying to paint Republicans as racist, the inspiration behind this bill was the fact that the current formula for determining funding for Colorado’s colleges and universities excludes all Asians except Pacific Islanders from the definition of underserved students.  To which we ask – why, because Asians are stereotyped as smart or motivated?  Lambert thought that was racist and seemed appalled that the left would go to such great lengths to exclude Colorado’s Asian population.  It was only after an amendment was tacked on to the bill saying that it would not impact affirmative action (which had nothing to do with this bill) that Dems cooled their heels.

But, back to the mini-war waged by the lefties on social media.  We thought that the Democrat’s attack dog was supposed to be on the same page as Democrat lawmakers when it comes to policy and media pushes?   After all, they share the same big donors.  Ooops.  But it appears ProgressNow and its friends have wandered off the reservation.  Maybe ProgressNow has lost its mojo.

It’s not that operatives aren’t allowed to have their own opinions, but it can be awkward – to say the least – when you have to explain to your donors why you’re attacking the votes of members they helped elect.