It’s bad enough that government has intruded into our homes, our bedrooms and wormed their way into our kitchen appliances, but most of us agree that when lawmakers barged into our bathrooms and began dictating shower heads and low-flow toilets, the line had finally been crossed.

Of course we understand that water is a precious resource in Colorado and we all want to do our part to conserve.

But sometimes plumbing dictates that a few more gallons are necessary, especially for Colorado homes that require septic tanks. City dwellers might make do with a cup of water to flush their waste, but for those living high in the mountains or on the plains, those without access to a water treatment plant must rely on septic systems.

Which is why we were so annoyed when a House committee on Wednesday flushed a perfectly good bill down the proverbial toilet that would have exempted septic systems from a state law set to take effect in September.

Republican State Rep. Tim Dore sponsored the bill to rollback the provision that bans the sale of plumbing fixtures in Colorado that are not deemed water efficient by federal bureaucrats.

But Democrats killed the measure, because they have no souls.

“A septic system, they are built for having certain amount of flush, a certain amount of water, going through the system to keep the lines cleared and these low flush toilets don’t have that water capacity,” Dore told Channel 4.

“They’re flushing once twice three times in some occasions to clear (the toilet). Plungers being used more.”

Democrats insisted we need to conserve the water, but for what other uses we’re not exactly sure. It’s not like Boulder a lot of their constituents are consuming mass quantities of water for showers or washing clothes.