Somewhere in a parallel universe, getting national flack for an ill-conceived Internet ad is an achievement worth winning an award for excellent work.

That universe is also known as PR Daily, which gave the colossally awful advertising campaign, “Got Insurance,” its social media award.

Ragan’s PR Daily, the public relations trade publication behind the award, said the campaign was “simplicity itself” with “edgy content,” built on a satirical website, said the Denver Post.

When last we visited the calamity created by ProgressNow and Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, they were forced to retool those simplistic, yet ever so edgy ads featuring over-aged frat boys doing keg stands and a woman hoping to lure a poor, unsuspecting man into her lair.

That’s right, the award-winning ads were so BAD, they were reworked to feature a milquetoast guy wanting a relationship with a cougar in training:

“OMG, she’s hot! Let’s hope she wants to opt into this relationship as much as I do. Now that the website is working, buying health insurance is easy – which means all I have to worry about is getting her to make us Facebook official. I got insurance (I hope I get her too!)”

We imagine the award guidelines included the ability to insult the intelligence of the audience while misinforming them as to the product’s actual contents. In this case, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans lost their insurance because Obamacare is the stuff of nightmares, not a comedy sketch.

Did the award embarrass its target audience and make them physically ill just to look at it? Bonus points.

Did the ad promote a healthy and responsible lifestyle through insurance or did it trivialize keg stands, bike wrecks, golfing accidents, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?

We mock, because we barf.