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Health exchange officials said Monday that 132,000 Coloradans have submitted applications for insurance as of Feb. 4, despite numerous glitches that have plagued the system’s open enrollment period that ends this weekend.

To put that into perspective, officials said last year that 124,000 insurance plans were sold by the March deadline, but months later projected that about 24,000 would cancel their policies.

And, by the end of 2014 only 93,000 opted to stay in the insurance scheme for this year.

So the simple math equation is this: Take the number of new applications submitted, subtract the unknown quantity that will never pay for it, divide by number of times health exchange pleads for another million bucks, add the half-million Coloradans STILL without insurance, and the answer is: The same gobbledygook we’ve come to expect from our failing multi-million dollar health insurance scheme.

Until the House approves the Senate bill demanding an audit and Gov. Hickenlooper makes it law, it’s all just a guessing game as to how much the program actually grew this year.

Nonetheless, interim chief executive Gary Drews is handing out the party hats, pom poms and novelty blowers:

“It’s a huge success, and it’s very important to celebrate that,” Drews said.

We hope that celebration comes with enough food on that party platter to feed the 3,600 whose policies were cancelled during the renewal process.

As for the half-million or so Coloradans still without insurance, we’re guessing they’re not invited to the party.