In a post earlier today, we told you about eco-whack job Sam Schabacker, the leader of the latest anti-energy crusade now seeking to ban fracking in Denver.

His Washington, D.C. – based activist group is so desperate for a win against energy production, they’re resorting to outrageous tactics, including the inexplicable claim that fracking in Denver should be blocked to prevent discrimination and environmental racism.

Revealing Politics has put it into perspective for us:


According to Monica Acosta, a “health justice organizer,” fracking does not occur where natural gas is located, but in poor, minority neighborhoods.

Poor minority neighborhood.

Poor minority neighborhood.

Seriously, there are some very real, divisive racial issues in this country to be addressed.

Fracking is not one of them.

Rita Lewis, Denver chapter of the NAACP was in agreement when she presented testimony at the oil and gas task force last fall with a seemingly different view:

“I’m here on behalf of communities of color as well as people in general. I’d like to say that it is important that you embrace this industry. This industry helps to feed people and their families as you have seen from lots of tags that people are wearing today. But not only that, this industry provides jobs. For instance, some people in our local government have said that Colorado industry has grown economically, well it has but it is still on it’s way up slowly, we are still recovering from the recession and this industry in itself, along with other industries can help people just by providing jobs also by keeping the cost of utilities down and most of all bringing money into our community. So that is what is really important to a lot of people. People, families, income and jobs.”