womens issue second amendmentOn a Thursday voice vote in the Colorado State Senate, Sen. Vicki Marble’s Constitutional Carry bill passed, and will head to the House, where Democrats are expected to pop a round in this bill (that’s for you, Rep. Salazar) on a party line vote.  Constitutional Carry, a concept that permits legal gun owners to concealed carry without a permit, is gaining popularity in a number of states.

Marble’s bill simply stated that individuals who have reached the age of 21, and who are otherwise legally permitted to possess a firearm, have the same concealed carry rights as those who were issued CCW permits at the county level across the state.  Rules restricting CCW holders from carrying in prohibited areas, such as elementary schools, remain in effect.  According to the Denver Post, concealed carry licenses will still be issued in the state, but the purpose of these licenses will be for people seeking to carry in other states that recognize reciprocity to CCW licenses issued in Colorado.

We have written in the past, and as recently as this month, about the challenges and incompetencies of the beleaguered CBI background check process, sometimes leading to errors and significant delays in issuing background check approvals.  Perhaps this law will serve to relieve some of the problems in that office too.