Rep. Diana DeGette is just so gosh darned hip. Have you seen her latest post on the BuzzFeed community?

It can be found alongside other informative pieces like “Which Harry Potter Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?” (full disclosure, our’s was Draco) And, “Things Guys Do That Would Be Weird If Girls Did Them.”

DeGette’s top ten reasons the Browns Canyon monument declaration is a “huge deal,” is run-of-the-mill dull.

She speaks to the younger generation, using a gif from a movie produced in 1985, to show support for stuff like what President Obama did, just not exactly what Obama did, because it turns out there’s a lot of unhappy ranchers about that.

Then she addresses her core constituency, pre-schoolers, informing them through a Sesame Street character that there are seven, count them, seven national monuments in Colorado!

Her list features a nice shot of the canyon rocks, standard fishing gif, kayaking goof, a video of the canyon and of course, the wildlife of the canyon which ranks as #4:


That’s right Colorado! There are giraffes, elephants, rhinos and zebra on the continent known as Browns Canyon!