Notoriously wishy-washy Gov. John Hickenlooper has long looked the other way as his political arm, OnSight Public Affairs, has become the go-to consulting firm for the anti-fracking movement in Colorado. 

To his credit, Hick is no opponent of the industry. He’s expressed public support for oil and gas time and again, and his background as a geologist has given him a deep appreciation for the benefits reaped from fossil fuels.

So we’re left wondering: how does our crowd pleasing Governor manage to reconcile the fact that his political consultants are directly helping drive this vital industry out of Colorado with his own policy positions that support responsible oil and gas development in the state?

OnSight is literally responsible for AstroTurf efforts up and down Colorado that are designed to influence Hickenlooper’s attitude toward oil and gas and the recommendations produced by his task force. For example, take the website, which was designed by OnSight and asserts that “Governor Hickenlooper and Colorado’s Oil and Gas Task Force need to know how fracking is infringing on our freedoms and disrupting our lives.”

What kind of executive officer lets his political consultants push him around like this? These people make boatloads of money off you, Hick. Aren’t you at least a little peeved that they’re now also playing for the opposing team?