You know that double standard we’re always talking about when it comes to Republicans being under more scrutiny than Democrats? Well, here is a prime example of something that would be causing media and liberal outrage if Republicans were doing it.

House Speaker Dicky Lee Hullinghorst

House Speaker Dicky Lee Hullinghorst has been sitting on a supplemental funding bill for the Department of Public Safety that would eliminate a backlog of untested DNA rape kits, fund the state toxicology lab, and fund special training for law enforcement that find missing children.

If you ask us, all pretty worthwhile programs that serve the interests of public safety and justice.  Yet, for some inexplicable reason, Hullinghorst is blocking the bill from going to the Governor’s desk.

Assistant Minority Leader Polly Lawrence (R-Littleton) had this to say about the scandal:

I do not understand why House Democrats are delaying final consideration of this critical public safety funding bill that was approved by all six members of the Joint Budget Committee. I’m sure House Democrats have some reason why they are failing to expedite justice for crime victims whom we all agree deserve justice, I just wish they would explain their reasoning to Colorado.

How much longer will Hullinghorst let this go on?  And how much longer with the media and women’s rights groups continue to ignore it?