Rick Palacio

The Cheatin’ Chairman

This week has been a testament to Democrats’ Dirty Doings, and this might just be cherry on top.  According to some liberal activists, the head of the Democratic State Party, Rick Palacio, is appointing his supporters to the central committee, which is responsible for re-electing him Chairman.  And Democrats say there’s no voter fraud…all we have to do is look within their own elections to see their playbook.

Here’s what one activist (UPDATE: who happens to be running against Palacio) posted on Facebook:

“Yesterday central committee members received an email from Chairman Palacio stating that he will appoint 46 new men to the state central committee to achieve gender balance. While party rules do permit appointments for balance, never before has the rule been used in a manner that so clearly seems to benefit a single candidate. The current chair used the party attorney to seek permission from Washington D.C. to add members prior to our re-organization 39 hours before a vote on an election including the chair. Previously this administrative function of the chair had been used after the re-organization meeting — not before.

“The most logical solution is to wait until after tomorrow’s reorganization meeting at which a new chair will be selected and allow the elected central committee to vote on our party chair as we have done previously. In the event that we must name members today, to avoid any questions about the fairness of the process, last night I suggested to Chairman Palacio a solution in which each candidate for chair identify 1/3 of the new members. Rather than doing so, Chairman Palacio rejected that proposal and is instead handpicking 46 members who will vote in his own election.

An election that appears tainted will publicly damage this party for years to come. No matter who you are supporting for chair, please join in insisting Chairman Palacio pursues a solution that will ensure our party election is conducted in a fair manner.”

First, we’re laughing because Palacio’s name is even in the mix for this position after the disastrous results here in Colorado.  The 2014 election was an utter failure for Palacio.  Second, we’re laughing because of this odd socialist-like rule that allows the party to appoint people for gender balance (and the fact that this rule would be abused).  Third, we’re laughing because, in order to achieve balance, they had to appoint 46 (!) men.

Of course, we can’t imagine why no men would sign up to lead a party that only talks about women’s lady parts.  (That’s sarcasm folks.) It’s the same reason that now-former Sen. Mark Udall lost his election – not only do men not want to talk incessantly about a uterus, but most successful women don’t want to talk about this either.

We’ve popped the popcorn.  Can’t wait to see the results of tomorrow’s meeting.