Democrats really do love to legislate every single aspect of our lives ad nauseam. Their latest attempt can be seen in House Bill 15-1221, which would require employers to offer additional leave to parents in order to attend their children’s academic activities.

House Democrats

We didn’t even know this was a problem in need of fixing… and as it turns out, it isn’t! According to testimony on the proposed legislation, over 90 percent of employers already offer some kind of flex leave that parents can use to attend children’s academic activities, and there is no data to support that employees don’t already have the ability to leave work to support their kids.

Democrats are really hoping they can turn this into a divisive issue, but getting the working woman or man riled up about a right they already have is going to be an uphill battle. Especially since there is a good pro-business argument to be made against the legislation, as Compass Colorado’s Kelly Maher, opined:

“We need to ask ourselves if we really need to legislate every aspect of the employer/employee relationship. Does more regulation imposed on businesses get the desired outcome, or will it just create more red tape and make the employer/employee relationship more adversarial?”

Bottom line: the Dems can go ahead and charge this hill if they want, but they shouldn’t hold out hope it’s going to get them anywhere.