MichaelBennetofficialphotoDemocrats have been running in horror from the Hillary Clinton email scandal – see example U.S. Rep. Jared Polis.  Today’s Denver Post editorial skewered Clinton on her handling of this scandal:

“It’s not just the private e-mail account that’s so disturbing. Or that it has taken years for Hillary Clinton to turn over to the government tens of thousands of e-mails she generated during her tenure as secretary of state.

It’s also the fact that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has positioned herself as the filter for the material that ultimately is to be released.

And that offends basic expectations of transparency that come with public office.”

Our fair Senator Michael Bennet is rumored to be under consideration for Clinton’s Vice President slot.  (And, who would blame him for looking for an out in 2016 when his poll numbers are so low?)  But, today, the National Republican Senatorial Committee asks where Bennet is on Clinton’s email scandal.

That’s a really good question, actually.  Despite some push back from the left on this line of questioning, it’s fair.  Does this change his plans?  Would he like to take himself out of the running as a potential running mate?  Where does Bennet stand on transparency?  Of course, the howling from left also shows that this has struck a nerve.

Here’s what NRSC spokesperson Andrea Bozek had to say:

“When Hillary Clinton visited Colorado in 2014, Senator Bennet was more than happy to campaign with her for Senator Mark Udall’s failed reelection bid, but now he’s gone radio silent on Hillary.”

So, Sen. Bennet, where are you on Clinton’s email scandal?  PeakNation™ wants to know.