A crew of protesters from 350 Action spoiled the kick off for Michael Bennet’s 2016 Senate campaign by standing outside the entrance to the event and threatening to find someone who supported their values to run. See for yourself:

From the Denver Post coverage of the event:

Hoisting signs reading, “We don’t vote for fossil fuel politicians,” protesters chanted as nearly 200 Democrats streamed into Denver’s Mile High Station for the event.

“Senator Bennet has shown he’ll compromise his values for votes,” said Russell Mendell of Boulder. “If he continues to do so, we’ll find a candidate who values their community.”

This action is just the latest to show the growing rift in the Democratic Party between the extreme environmentalists and the rest of the party.  It was this schism that was on full display this summer as radical greenies tried to impose their will on Colorado by forcing a local control ballot initiative. At that time, Governor Hickenlooper was able to create this Oil and Gas Task Force to kick this can down the road, past the 2014 election.

But, who is going to bridge this chasm for the 2016 election?  Will the Democratic Party give its base the middle finger or will it risk alienating the majority of Coloradans who see the benefits that local energy development brings?  Tough spot going into a tough election for Sen. Bennet.