For years, Colorado politicos have referred to daylight savings as “Greg Brophy Day” in honor of the former state lawmaker who famously ran a bill to keep daylight savings year round. It turns out, he was a head of the curve on this one.

As The Denver Post reports, a new poll found that among Denver metro residents 54 percent would prefer to keep daylight savings year round, while 33 percent said no and 13 percent either refused to answer or didn’t know. 

Brophy’s bill would have given voters a say in the matter by ultimately letting them vote on the change. This poll is a good sign that he was on the winning side of the issue.

Unfortunately, the proposal died after opposition from the ski industry, which worried it would hurt business for the resorts in the morning during ski season. (Although, with lift tickets running upwards of $125/day, the ski industry doesn’t seem to be hurting all that much).

With Brophy now gone from the legislature and serving as U.S. Rep. Ken Buck’s Chief of Staff, it will be interesting to see if anyone picks up this daylight savings idea and runs with it. Could turn into an unexpected area of bipartisan compromise.