Bouncy House

State House Democrats on Tuesday voted unanimously with Republicans in committee to require an audit of Colorado’s controversial health exchange, which has misspent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Shame, it does a legislative body good.

This was the first step to approve the audit in the Democratic-controlled House, and we admit we were surprised that Dems finally got with the program.

Then the AP told us why:

Democrats and Republicans in Colorado agree that the state health insurance exchange needs a deep review. But of course, they expect different conclusions from a new state audit for Connect For Health Colorado.

Democrats now say they want to show that the exchange has glitches but is performing well overall.

After we stopped gagging and wiped the coffee from our computer monitor, we put on our rose-colored glasses and began researching in earnest to find this wonderful performance record of which Democrats speak.

Here’s what we found:

  • The exchange successfully cancelled thousands of automatic renewals, which saved consumers money because they no longer had insurance.
  • Officials utilized taxpayer funding to give themselves hefty bonuses thus strengthening their own economy.
  • The exchange overcame financial control obstacles to spend nearly $500,000 on vendors.
  • Officials magnificently inflated bouncy houses and spent $40,000 on Chap Stick — synonymous with health insurance — to promote their brand of idiocy.

This optimistic strategy employed by Democrats is just crazy enough to be … an excuse to kill the bill once it reaches the full House.

We harbor no illusions that Connect for Health Colorado can pass a performance audit. We’re pretty sure Democrats know this as well.