MichaelBennetofficialphotoTwo top media outlets, Bloomberg and The New York Times, today are suggesting that perhaps Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet could be a presidential contender in 2016.  Hang on, let us catch our breath. We’re still laughing.  OK.

The New York Times is taking a hypothetical look at what happens if Hillary Clinton is too damaged from her email debacle to run for President.  The answer?  Chaos.  But, from that chaos could potentially emerge Sen. Bennet.  Sure, he’s mentioned in passing, and the real story is that the Democrats have no bench, but even floating his name puts the Times far out of touch with reality (not the first time).  Bennet is mentioned after Biden (is anybody really taking his candidacy seriously?), after former nominees Secretary John Kerry and Al Gore (really?), after Fauxcahontas Sen. Elizabeth Warren, after the 18 Democratic Governors, and then, after a few more popular Senators.  To put this in context, if this was the succession to the British throne, Bennet would be equivalent to five-year old Senna Lewis. Who is that, you ask?  Exactly.

Bloomberg, in trying desperately to counter the assertion that Democrats have no bench (they don’t), is slightly more generous with Bennet’s potential – listing him after nine others.  Using the British succession comparison again, that would be equivalent to Prince Edward’s seven-year old son.

This assertion is hilarious.  Have these two reporters seen Bennet’s poll numbers in Colorado?  Do they realize that Bennet still has to do well in Colorado, if not win Colorado, when running for president? Just a quick overview of his poll numbers here in Colorful Colorado:

  • 39% job approval
  • 32% say he deserves to be re-elected
  • 53% of Democrats say he deserves to be re-elected

If Bennet is barely over the fifty percent mark with Democrats in his home state, how will he play in Florida, Virginia, or North Carolina?  Yeah. That’s what we thought.