Perlmutter feature pic

The Twitterverse exploded Wednesday night with riveting political debate and an exchange of brilliant ideas that are certain to change the landscape of our economic foundation and ensure a brighter future for our nation’s youth.

Just kidding. U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter held a Twitter town hall meeting.

It was easy to miss, as there were only a dozen participants, not counting party-crasher U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet who dropped in just long enough to tout his own desperate-for-attention self.

And nearly all were softball questions that Perlmutter responded to with rhetoric that was exact in its blandness, such as how are young people factoring into your priorities?

“They factor in a big way. Young ppl are the future of this nation & must be considered & heard every step of the way.” The congressman still had 22 characters to put into Twitter play, but notice how he appealed to today’s youth through random abbreviation?

Then there was the standard liberal question about butterflies, unicorns and rainbows: “When do we get you into the (Butterfly) Pavilion for a tour to learn about our conservation work across Colorado?”

That was the pressing issue of the day, does Perlmutter love butterflies? He does! More important than questions like this one went unanswered:

Cue the crickets.

Instead, of confronting tough political issues, Ed offered these perls of wisdom: “Register to vote, stay informed and get involved! Find an issue you’re passionate about and work to make a difference … AND volunteer! Both as interns in offices and on campaigns.”

Honestly, Ed, why not just ask for campaign contributions while you’re at it?

Like we said, Bennet wormed his way into the conversation with a question for the congressman, asking about his ideas to tackle higher education costs. Bennet didn’t wait for an answer, he just plowed right through with his own agenda — simplified student federal aid.

Bennet didn’t bother to explain how simplifying the process for students to get more tax dollars to pay for their education actually lowered the cost of school. And nobody asked.

You can check out the insipidness in its entirety on Twitter at: #CO7TownHall