Steve HouseUPDATE: Newly-elected GOP Chairman Steve House responded to rumors about hiring former State Sen. Ted Harvey as executive director:

“Today was a great day and there will be more to come on how and what we will do going forward. Rumors about anyone having a job with the State Party in any capacity beyond the existing staff are just rumors. As I indicated in my campaign process the first thing that will happen is that the executive committee will be seated, which is at least a week or two away, and then a professional hiring process will be used for hiring all staff. My timeline will be to have an executive director in place by no later than May 15th.

Thank you for your patience and please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly for accurate information.

I will continue to get advice and counsel from the team I used during the campaign and from existing staff until the Executive Committee is seated.”

Like Winston Churchill’s 1945 loss after winning World War II, Ryan Call lost his re-election bid for State GOP Chairman this morning to former gubernatorial candidate Steve House.  While both sides claimed they had the votes to win, it was House who pulled out the victory with 237.66 votes to Call’s 179.33 votes. House received 57% of the vote, and congratulations across social media.

In total, there were 424 credentialed voters.  If both sides claimed they had the votes, what happened to Call’s votes?

According to insiders, it would appear that some of the delegates were not honest with Team Call, as the campaign called down their delegates several times as recently as this week.

Following the loss, Call issued the following statement:

Serving as chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee has been one of the great privileges of my life. I am thankful to the members of the Committee for entrusting me to lead the Party of Lincoln for the past four years.

I am proud of the accomplishments we have made during my tenure. Not only did we take back the state Senate, increased our numbers in the state House, win three of the four statewide races, and retained every Republican congressional seat, but we also defeated an incumbent U.S. Senator and worked effectively to help advance our conservative Republican principles.

Our Party faces serious challenges going into 2016. I wish Steve House and the new leadership of our Party the best of luck.

A hearty congratulations, again, to the new Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House.  The first rumored staff position House apparently has promised will go to former State Sen. Ted Harvey, who lost his own state chair race four years ago to Ryan Call.

Other election results:

  • Vice Chair: Chief at American Conservatives of Color, Derrick Wilburn, took the Vice Chair slot on first vote.
  • Secretary: Brandi Meek, Moffat County GOP Chair

Congratulations to all!