colorado-state-capitolSenate Bill 175, the Republican-controlled Senate’s attempt to repeal the controversial large-capacity magazine ban passed in 2013, passed on second reading with bipartisan support.  The final vote in the Senate is expected to come tomorrow.  After that, the bill will head over to the House, where most expect the liberal House leadership to kill it, despite overwhelming public support for repealing the MagBan.

As the Peak has mentioned time and time again, this was probably one of the worst of the 2013 gun grab bills.  Not only is this law unenforceable, but it prevents would-be victims from defending themselves. And, then, there’s the issue of the bill driving business out of the state.

Senate Democrats who support SB175 would do well to reason with their counterparts in the State House to allow this bill out of committee.  Nobody wants to see senseless violence akin to the Aurora Theater Shooting, but banning high capacity magazines doesn’t prevent violence. It only disarms law-abiding citizens who would hope to protect themselves.

Stay tuned, PeakNation™, we will keep you posted on the bill’s progress.