As Colorado insurance officials scramble to cancel nearly 200,000 health policies a year ahead of schedule in order to avoid impacting Sen. Bennet’s 2016 reelection bid, we are reminded of the lawmaker’s stance on Obamacare.

Turns out that Bennet was for keeping your insurance plan, like Obama, before he was against it.



“We should begin with a basic principle: if you have coverage and you like it, you can keep it. If you have your doctor, and you like him or her, you should be able to keep them as well. We will not take that choice away from you.”

Doesn’t that sound great? If only it were true. Health News Colorado reported last week:

Health plans that don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act no longer will be allowed in Colorado after this year.

The plans were supposed to disappear last year as health exchanges launched, but President Obama allowed states to extend the plans after he had previously promised that all those who had insurance plans they liked could keep them.

Ah, broken promises– the foundation of any good campaign shellacking.

And this wasn’t just any political promise that Bennet crushed. Hundreds of thousands of Coloradans have watched as their health insurance and doctors were snatched away, and replaced by a pricier program with outrageous deductible costs.

And shame on Connect for Health Colorado for forcing these 200,000 folks off of their preferred plan a year earlier, just so Bennet isn’t forced to answer for his broken promise come election season.

We predict theirs will be a vain hope.