colorado-state-capitolThis morning, the MagBan repeal, co-sponsored by Republican Sens. Holbert and Cooke, passed the State Senate 21-13. While Republicans control the State Senate, it’s by a slim one-vote majority giving Republicans 18 votes.  The 21 votes come from all Republicans plus three Democratic defectors – Sens. Donovan, Jahn, and Garcia – who each represent populations that were incensed by the high-capacity magazine ban in 2013.  Sen. Johnston understandably did not vote as he had a death in his family.

Senate President Cadman spoke with “compassion, conviction, and common sense” in defense of the bill and encapsulated the crux of the issue here:

Of course, it’s not the Senate that was a challenge, despite statewide support for the repeal of the MagBan. It’s the State House. As we reported last week, all eyes are now on Speaker Hullinghorst, surely no fan of this bill.  Will she send it to her kill committee in the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee or will she allow it to reach the floor where it could pass?  Will Sens. Donovan, Jahn, and Garcia intercede on behalf of this bill for their constituents?

Stay tuned, PeakNation™….