Today, Sen. Cory Gardner delivered his maiden speech on the Senate floor, and it reminded us all over again why we voted for him. When he read a letter from his grandfather during World War II tears were brought to our eyes. His deep respect for the freedoms we hold dear and those who have sacrificed to protect them is nothing short of inspiring. Here are a few of our favorite excerpts from the speech:

…No matter where across Colorado’s four corners you live, or across this great nation, we all hope for the same thing for our children. To live in a loving community that values every citizen, that they learn the value of hard work and perseverance. Where hard work is met with merited reward. That they find a nation of liberty and freedom that they help make a little more free and little more perfect. To carry on the tradition of our founding fathers – always endeavoring to be better tomorrow than they are today…..

….And a healthy economy means everyone benefits, not just those who already have found success. That is why I will work to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit. By eliminating the waste, fraud and abuse all too common within the EITC we can save billions of dollars and then use that money to expand the credit, making a program that has already helped lift millions of people out of poverty do even more good for people throughout Colorado, and in our urban centers. Measuring a successful economy shouldn’t simply be a matter of looking to see whether the haves have more, but what policies we have put in place that actually help the poor lift themselves up.

…And while we may disagree on the details of policy or the tactics of direction, let us make no mistake in our charge – to ensure we have a nation that is worthy of the sacrifice so many have made. To refuse to pass on to future generations a nation in retreat or decline. To make sure ours is a nation always worth fighting for.

Gardner also mentioned his upbringing in Yuma, the importance of family and his Four Corners legislative agenda in the United States Senate. If you have 15 minute to spare, it’s worth watching the speech in its entirety: