The hits just keep coming for our nation’s veterans, especially those living the Rocky Mountain Region, according to the Denver Post. 

The Veterans Affairs in Denver and Colorado Springs are denying in unusually high numbers the financial assistance to home caregivers — including spouses of seriously injured soldiers — who are unable to feed, clothe or bath themselves.

As of last month, caregivers to 221 veterans in the region had been revoked since the program started in 2010, with 491 still getting assistance.

The revelation caught the attention of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, who is demanding a full review and justification for those numbers from embattled VA Secretary Robert McDonald.

“Women and men in uniform returning from combat deserve the best care our country can provide. Often times that care is provided by ‘hidden heroes,’” Gardner said.

“In addition to a full review of these cancellations, I request justification for why these cancellations are happening at a higher rate in the Rocky Mountain region, and if they are the result of ineffective information technology operations, which was highlighted in GAO’s 2015 High Risk List.”

The caregiving program was created in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks. According to the Rand Corporation, there are more than one million of those caregivers who have saved the federal government billions of dollars a year.